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Jade kit

Jade kit

**Note that the Jade fades in direct sunlight**


The complete kit includes:

- 1 fabric (4,5 yards)

- 2 small slings

- 2 carabiners 

- 2 daisy chains

- 1 carrying bag 


** Does not include the anchor points 


The length and height of the hammock can be adjusted according to the distance between the floor and the anchor points. Our kit is designed to be hung on 2 anchor points, but can also be installed on 1 single anchor point.


    The hammock can be cleaned in a washing machine, by using the cold wash setting and preferably with soft soap.  An optional rinse cycle is advised.  Hang dry or tumble dry low.  Suggested wash interval is once per month or when needed.  Jewellery, watches and other metallic accessories can damage the fabric.  Ensure that participants remove these items before using the hammock.


    Working load

    Suggested working load limit : 200 lbs

    Breaking load : 2 000 lbs

    Optimum ceiling height

    Between 9’ and 15’ (2,75m and 4,57m)
    Optimum ceiling height : 10’ to 11’ (3,05m to 3,35m)

    Require surface area

    From the center of the hammock : 3’ radius (0,92m)
    From a sideways wall :  5’ (1,52m) between the center and the wall.  From a back wall : 7’ (2,13m) between the center and the wall. 

    Anchor points

    2 anchor points required per hammock, installed at 1' (0,31m) distance between them.  For a confort purposes, the distance may go up to 2’ (0,61m).

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