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Check List for your home installation

To ensure the accuracy and safety of your installation, it is mandatory to verify that your installation is adequate for the training, before the first day of the training. The information on this page will guide you through this process.

If you are using an AIR Yogalates kit, you do not have to specify whether you have this material because we know that you supplied the correct equipment.

**On the other hand, you must confirm with us your installation and anchors of your hammock.

A kit should include:

1 fabric

2 daisy chains

2 carabiners with quick opening or equivalent

2 small slings of 30cm

  • Polyester knit specially designed for aerial work, with a minimum resistance of 200lbs; 

  • A minimum of 4 meters in length;

  • Fabric that doesn't stretch in length (when you sit in it); 

  • Fabric that stretches in width (when you lie down in Shavasana).

  • A minimum of 115cm in length; 

  • With a minimum resistance of 16kN.

  • With a minimum resistance of 16kN (door closed).

  • With a minimum resistance of 16kN.


Daisy chains




Small sling

Type of anchor points :



Can be removed, moved, without modification or alteration of the structure.


Permanent or fixed:

Permanently installed, with modification or altercation of the structure.



Which owes its stability to its own structure.

If your installation is on beams (temporary), you will need the following materials :

  • 2 industrial round slings, at least 3 'in length; 

  • 2 quick links or 2 carabiners (steel or aluminum), with a minimum strength of 16kN.


Quick link


Round sling

Send us this information, at

How many anchor points your installation has (1 or 2) ;

The approximative distance between the 2 anchor points ;

The height of your ceiling (measurement between the floor and the anchor points) ;

One or few photos of your installation.

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