The Founders

Founders of AIR Yogalates™

They joined their strengths and expertise to develop a creative & innovative training method. While nourishing the body and soothing the mind, this approach merges the body and mind through freedom, energy and balance. 

Marie-Michelle Faber

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Geneviève Bérubé


Trainings and certifications

-Traditional Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali Yoga Sutras /

  Guru Dr. Senthil   Kumar
- Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark & Diana Batts
- Yin Yoga with Melanie Richards & Albert Bejshak Bissada
- Prenatal Yoga & Postnatal Yoga with Mamata with Clare Newman
- Anatomy in Clay ( female pelvic belt ) with Jon Zahourek

- Technical Posturo Respiratory strengthening: abdominal and perineal
   with Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet


Original creation

AIR Yogalates



Marie-Michelle Faber began artistic gymnastics at the age of five and quickly developed elite skills.  


Captivated by her sport, she devoted herself for 12 years to deepen her knowledge and agility. This hard work resulted in Marie-Michelle's participation in the Canadian  Gymnastics Championships. A small jump in high diving allowed her to discover a new dimension of spatial orientation—dropping head first into the water!


Twisting, jumping and flipping between air and ground has enabled her to acquire courage, determination, perseverance, concentration and a finely tuned control of her body movements.



Since 1998 Marie-Michelle has performed more than 5000 shows worldwide with Quidam, Corteo and Amaluna productions as an aerial specalist and vocalist with the prestigious and well known Cirque du Soleil.  In 2008 Marie-Michelle performed her first and one-of-a-kind solo act incorporating aerial acrobatics while singing live.  She further developed this speciaty by creating a new and unique vocal aerial hoop act for the 'Amaluna' show tour in 2011.  


Being an aerialist is a risky job that requires mental focus, precision, accurate movements and a healthy body, as well as the ability to manage fatigue, stress, discomfort, excitement and pain.

Her circus career has been a journey of fulfilment, learning and constant discoveries of the control and mastery of one’s body, emotions and thoughts.


Aside from the circus, she was privately trained by Guru Senthil Kumar (Ph.D) in traditional Ashtanga Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in Coonoor, India. She has also trained with Bernie Clark in Yin Yoga and recently in Prenatal Yoga with Clare Newman and Dre Bernadette De Gasquet in Postnatal. 


With her dedication and creative spirit, Marie-Michelle works in collaboration with co-founder Geneviève Bérubé. Together they have developed a new training method combining Aerial Arts with Yoga & Pilates, they named it AIR Yogalates.





Trainings and certifications

- Certified Forrest Yoga teacher by Ana T.Forrest

- Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark & Diana Batts

- Pilates mat with Ann McMillan

- Pilates / Healthy back with roller with Ann McMillan

- Sacroiliac Joint:The Critical Functional Link, Margot                            McKinnon,B.A.,B.Ed.

- Technical Posturo Respiratory strengthening: abdominal and              perineal  with Dr. Bernadette De Gasquet

- The Psoas, Core Awareness with Liz Koch


Currently in training

CSNN Natural Nutrition Program (Holistic nutrition)


Original creation

AIR Yogalates


At an early age, Geneviève developed a passion for everything that required acrobatic skills and movement. At the age of 4, being already involved in many sports, she was recruited by a gymnastics talent scout and started intensive training.  By the age of 6, she was competing at the elite level.


After more than 10 years of competing in gymnastics, Geneviève found in the circus arts the way to express herself. Professional circus artist since 18 years, she has an impressive list of accomplishments. Two-time medal winner in circus festivals in China and Hungary, her achievements propelled her career around the world, which included working with several companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and ExMachina.


Geneviève has a strong experience of 20 years as a trainer and acrobatic designer. Since 2007, she has been collaborating with Robert Lepage, participating in Opera and Theater projects as an acrobatic designer, head trainer for the acrobatic and dance teams, acrobatic talent scout and of course, performing on stage during the productions. Throughout her career, Geneviève has had the opportunity to work with renowned names on many world-class stages, her favorite being the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and Vienna State Opera.


Harmony of the body and spirit has always been natural for Geneviève and she discovered an innate talent that allowed her to balance her own physical activities and nutrition. Understanding the importance of optimal lifestyle and nutrition to support the strengthening of the body and mind, she continues to further her knowledge in the matter, hoping to specialize herself and add nutrition to her repertoire.


Geneviève is also a certified Forrest Yoga Instructor trained by Ana T.Forrest herself, and a certified Pilates instructor by the prestigious Ann McMillan.  She is involved with many training programs in sports organizations, such as the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team, which performed in Sochi 2014.  Geneviève travels around the world to give AIR Yogalates teacher trainings, a high quality aerial yoga course, workshops and circus performances.


Geneviève’s teaching focuses on mastering the body in connection with the spirit, strengthening the core, preventing injuries, creating space in the body & mind and using the breath to nourish and release.  She has experience with beginners to advanced students and compassionately designs sequences to guide them towards their goals, assessing physical limitations.  She is passionate by the inversions in her practice and teaching, and is highly experimented to transmit their principles and techniques both on the mat and in the air.  Offering to her students an amazing journey into their practice drives Geneviève and her main goal is to help them finding their way to delight themselves into the process. 


Furthermore, Genevieve is co-founder and creator of the AIR Yogalates method, developed with her partner in crime Marie-Michelle Faber. Both curious and in love with the life, they linked their forces to develop a creative and innovative method, which combines Yoga, Pilates, dance and air disciplines of the circus. 


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