Teaching License

Becoming an AIR Yogalates certified teacher

Are you interested in offering AIR Yogalates in your studio? Would you like to diversify your teaching options? Your dedicated students will find AIR Yogalates appealing but more importantly it will appeal to a whole new clientele that will bring new loyal customers to your classes. The enthusiasm generated by AIR Yogalates will energize the entire studio – owners, teachers, students and classes!


To support our certified teachers, AIR Yogalates is developing a large international community that not only benefits the certified teachers but is also a rich resource for the studios. 

The AIR Yogalates community

By becoming an AIR Yogalates certified teacher you will benefit from several support services designed to help you grow as a teacher, to help you energize your classes and to promote your services.Being a part of the AIR Yogalates community gives you access to the founders themselves as well as the network of certified teachers near you and all over the world. The main goal of the AIR Yogalates community is to offer a platform where members can share their knowledge and experiences in a healthy, enthusiastic and passionate way.

As a member of the community you will develop a path for growth and will have access to various development programs offered by AIR Yogalates. 




To create a strong and professional teacher community


To provide credibility to your teaching method by meeting AIR Yogalates’s teaching skill requirements


To support the AIR Yogalates certified teachers


To provide an accessible platform for the community, where the licensed teachers can share their experiences and knowledge, exchange ideas, ask and answer questions and much more


To engage the teachers in their creativity and growth


To provide a way  to connect with the founders and with each other local and international teachers


What are the benefits


Receive an up-to-date teacher’s manual

A manual will be sent when the license is renewed. Language's choices: French, English or Spanish.


Right to use the trademarks & logo

The use of the name, logo and photos to promote and label classes and events.

Official AIR Yogalates™ teacher

Promote yourself as an official AIR Yogalates™ teacher and benefit from the AIR Yogalates™ credibility.


Profile on the web site

A listing on the AIR Yogalates website as a certified teacher with photo, trainings achieved, information and a direct link to the teacher's website.


Promotion of the events

The promotion of AIR Yogalates events, workshops and activities on the web site.


International connexion

Access to the international AIR Yogalates community via the social network (Facebook & Instagram) and through live media (interviews, newspapers, magazines, etc.).

Private Facebook groups membership

Special access to local and international private groups on Facebook, offering videos, discussions, request for sub, job offer, safety updates and more ... Being a member allows your to connect, make contacts and exchange in order to evolve as a teacher.

Right to teach

The endorsement to teach privately, as well as in group, in any studio that has adequate installations.



Receive the new letters, including precious information to help to develop the teaching skills such as updates, videos, tutorials, trainings and workshops to come, articles, links, a teacher profile from the community and more ...


Job offers

Requests for teacher or classes, locally and internationally.


Qualified to assist

The privilege to assist the founders during a teacher training program and workshops.


Exclusive discount

Special prices and discount on the products (clothes, posters, frame, ...). Not applicable on trainings. 

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